General Committees for the 2016-2017 School Year


Responsible for hosting several lunches, breakfasts or specialty snacks throughout the year. Events may include: a monthly lunch or breakfast; all teacher appreciation events. Time commitment of the position is 2-3 hours per event.

Committee Chairs
Elementary Chairperson: Dana King
Middle Chairperson: Ricci McKenna
High School Chairpersons: Monica Crooks and Patty Cheifetz

Board Overseer: Michelle Fox

Please note that not all who contribute food and other hospitality items are listed here. This is in no way an attempt to slight you. Your contributions are wildly significant and without them these hospitality events would not be possible.

Teacher Appreciation

Responsible for planning and executing our Voyager Teacher Appreciation Week to be held in February. Time commitment of the position is variable based on activities planned.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: Christina Sendall

Board Overseer: Michelle Fox


Responsible for signing up new PTA members, providing membership cards to new members, maintaining a master membership list in cooperation with the PTA secretary. Also responsible for retention strategies from year to year. Time commitment of the position is 3-4 hours per month in the first few months of school and then very little after October.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: Misty Redford

Board Overseers: Susan Barkley & Leslie Jewell

Room Parent Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating the efforts of all grade parents acting as the chief source of information on school wide events such as staff appreciation week. Responsible for assigning “adopted teachers” to dedicated classrooms. Helps recruit lunch coverage for non-classroom staff (i.e. Admin Assistants) and teachers who may lack coverage. Support recruitment for test proctoring. Time commitment of the position is 1-2 hours per month.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: Dawn Wilcox

Board Overseer: Jennifer Mason


Responsible for school wide fundraising that supports all K-12 staff. Responsible for collection of Boxtops and communication regarding cardlink accounts, such as Harris Teeter, Kroger, etc. Responsible for apparel sales, at least twice per school year.

For 2016-17 we are committed to a K-12 Boosterthon, a K-12 Fall Scholastic Bookfair, & Spring Fling. Time commitment is variable based on current fundraising efforts and volunteer position.

Committee Chairs
Passive Fundraising/Boxtops Coordinator: Ashleigh Eisch
Box Tops Team Full for 2016-17

Boosterthon Coordinator: Shelley Brown & Jennifer Mason

Scholastic Bookfair Coordinator: Ricci McKenna & Dana King

Spring Fling Coordinator: Jennifer Mason & Susan Yancey
Food Truck Coordinator: open
Vendor Coordinator: open
Silent Auction Coordinator: open
Basket Raffle Coordinator: open

Spring Fling Volunteers Needed

Apparel Coordinator: Susan Barkley 
Apparel Committee Full for 2016-17

Board Overseer: Jennifer Mason

Honor Roll

Responsible for recognition of Honor Roll students to supplement any recognition that the teachers and schools provide. Must cooperate with each school’s administration to obtain list of qualifying students. Help fascilitate Honor Roll poster creation and quarterly updates to the poster, help plan and execute 3rd-quarter-cummulative celebration event for students that maintained the determined grade criteria for the entirety of the first 3 quarters of the academic year. Time commitment of the position is minimal each quarter, most time will be required at the end of the 3rd quarter/start of the 4th quarter.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: open

Members Needed

Board Overseer: Michelle Fox & Leslie Jewell

Audit (Financial Review) Committee

No fewer than three members should be on this committee. This committee shall do a monthly review of the bank statements and supporting documents and shall sign an acknowledgement on the bank statements that the expenditures were consistent with the approved budget. This same committee will do a review of the financial records if any of the Board members that had check signing authority leaves office before their term ends. The committee will also review the year end financial report and the records of the PTA at that time and make a written statement on whether the year end report is accurate. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month and 2-3 hours (max) to review year end report.

Committee Members
Rob Nelson
Danielle Jones

Board Overseer: Shelley Brown

Viking Community Committee

New for 2016-17, the Viking Community Committee will be planning and executing events to help bring the Viking Family together and promote community. In its inaugural year, the committee will attempt to organize approximately 4 events throughout the academic year, one of which includes assisting with Spring Fling. If you enjoy planning and helping with things like Skate parties, Bingo Nights, Movie Nights, etc., this is the committee for you! Time Commitment: variable based on the event

Committee Chair
Chairperson: Emily Wilder

Committee Full for 2016-17

Board Overseer: Beverly Williams