2019-20 Exec Board Job Descriptions

In addition to specific responsibilities outlined below, the PTO board works as a team along with committee chairs, committee members and general members to ensure PTO efforts are a success.

President - The PTO President is responsible for oversight and administration of all PTO meetings, inclusive of Executive Board meetings and General Membership meetings. Prepares and distributes agendas prior to meetings; keeps meetings on track; opening items for discussion and calling for votes as needed. The PTO President should delegate duties to committee heads and other officers and ensure that delegated tasks are completed in a timely manner. The President serves as the primary contact to all Principals and represents the PTO at meetings of other groups, if needed. The PTO President generally has signature authority for funds disbursement. Time commitment of the position is 2-3 hours per month allocated to meetings and planning for activities. Time commitment can vary based on current PTO activities.

Vice President of Viking Traditions/School Spirit - The VP of Viking Traditions oversees the K-12 Traditions team. This team would take responsibility for the larger K-12 events, like Spring Fling and a similar K-12 Fall event, to be determined. This team would also work with Admin and Leadership to ensure some existing traditions persist from year to year, such as the Graduating Class Rock painted at the HS, the Graduate Walk in May and maybe even work on bringing back Buddy Days in some form or fashion. There will be 3 subcommittees under this VP, 1 each for the 3 major events that we plan to run. he committees would partner with the Student Councils and their advisers at the HS and MS and the admin at the ES to help facilitate spirit events for the schools and maybe even specific grades. For example, at the ES, reduce the number of events per year, but make them high-impact, tradition-rich events that ES families will look forward to every year. At the MS, plan to continue a 4th/5th grade party (if the 4th/5th team is not going to pursue this), plan a 6th grade social of some sort, 7th grade, etc. At the HS, work with Student Council to brainstorm additional Spirit activities like a second Spirit Week in the fall, or certain days throughout the year that are Viking Spirit Days (wear your Voyager apparel, etc.), ensure Homecoming Dance is scheduled and clearly communicated, contact our Viking Mascot volunteer to attend pep rallies and big home sporting events, help with communication to the students.  All VP's assist the President as needed and cooperate to perform the tasks of the President if the President is absent or unable to serve. Time commitment varies based on current event planning, preparation and execution.

Vice President of Communication - The VP of Communication will work closely with all committee chairs and Exec Board members to help streamline communication. The goal of this office is to strive to improve communication and ensure that information is reaching the whole Voyager population - Students, Parents/Guardians and Voyager Staff. The VP of Communication handles monitoring of the PTO email account, pulling together information for the weekly newsletter, Facebook posts, school-wide email and any other communication channels deemed necessary. This office also makes sure that our Admin Assistants stay in the know as necessary. This officer also handles marketing of PTO events or partners with other committee members and chairs to facilitate marketing.  All VP's assist the President as needed and cooperate to perform the tasks of the President if the President is absent or unable to serve. Time commitment varies based on current event planning and PTO activities.

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records and preparation of finance reports for all Executive Board and General Membership meetings. The Treasurer prepares checks for disbursement of funds and secures necessary signatures; balances bank statements and maintains accurate records for annual auditing. Time commitment of the position is 3-4 hours per month.

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes from all PTO meetings. The minutes must be typed and submitted for approval at each Executive Board meeting. Minutes must include a list of parties in attendance and a summary of key topics discussed. When votes are taken, the Secretary must also note the first and second motion as well as the outcome of the vote must be recorded. The Secretary works closely with the VP of Communications as well. Time commitment of the position is 1-2 hours per month.

Teacher Representatives - Teacher Representatives are responsible for attending PTO executive meetings as well as PTO general meetings. They provide teacher perspective and insight to help ensure that the PTO efforts support and do not inhibit teacher efforts. Time commitment of the position is 1-2 hours per month. 

Teacher/Parent Liaison- The liaison is responsible for the coordination of room level and grade level parents.  The liaison with some direction from the VP of communication will be the point person for any communication that needs to be disseminated to all parent in the school community.