General Committees for the 2017-2018 School Year


Responsible for hosting several lunches, breakfasts or specialty snacks throughout the year. Events may include: a monthly lunch or breakfast; all teacher appreciation events. Time commitment of the position is 2-3 hours per event.

Committee Chairs
Elementary Chairperson: 
Middle Chairpersons: Dana King & Ricci McKenna
High School Chairperson: Monica Crooks

PTO Exec Board Member:

Please note that not all who contribute food and other hospitality items are listed here. This is in no way an attempt to slight you. Your contributions are wildly significant and without them these hospitality events would not be possible.

Teacher Appreciation

Responsible for planning and executing our Voyager Teacher Appreciation Week to be held in February during the week of Valentine’s Day. Work in conjunction with Hospitality committee for providing a luncheon at each school that week. Time commitment of the position is variable based on activities planned. Some volunteers could also assist with planning and posters for advertising each day.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: Christina Sendall
Committee Members: 5 members minimum

PTO Exec Board Member:

Scholastic Bookfair

Responsible for all activities related to our annual Bookfair, which includes planning the dates, coordinating with Scholastic and the Hock Media Center, recruiting volunteers to help with set-up, tear down, and daily staffing for cashier needs and Bookfair support. Volunteer hours are primarily during the day for the full week. Co-Chairs and Committee members are responsible for ensuring volunteers are in place and also working bookfair shifts as needed. Bookfair is projected to be after Thanksgiving in time for holiday shopping.

Committee Chairs
Co-Chairpersons: Emily Brogan, Christina Sendall
Committee Members: 10 members minimum

PTO Exec Board Member:

Box Tops

Promote Box Top collections twice a year. Work with the VP of Communication to handle communication to the teachers and families that a contest is starting and provide the collection deadline. Communicate how Box Tops should be sent in and let teachers and admin assistants know where they are being collected at each school (in the classrooms, the school Box Top Mailboxes, other). Communicate when the coordinator will be picking up the Box Tops to prepare for submission. Committee members will assist in collecting box tops from each school, planning out the details for the competitions and creating posters, etc. for advertising.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson: Ashleigh Eisch
Committee Members: 3 members minimum

PTO Exec Board Member: VP Communication


Responsible for handling apparel sales throughout the academic year. First sale is usually for grade-level field trip shirts for the grades that elect to do them. Second sale is sometime in the fall and timed so that people receive ordered items before weather started to get cold and for holiday gifts. Second sale could include, short sleeved, long sleeved, and sweatshirts. Third sale is held in the early spring so that people receive ordered items sometime in late March/early April. Apparel committee can recommend products to be offered and help set pricing. The chairperson handles communication and coordination with our print vendor. Committee could also sponsor a contest for new shirt designs. Winner could receive a free t-shirt with the winning design. Sorting and delivering are the main function of the committee once online sales are completed-2-4 hours depending on the number of orders received per online sale.

Committee Chairs
Committee Members: 3 members minimum

PTO Exec Board Member:


Responsible for signing up new PTO members, providing membership cards to new members, maintaining a master membership list in cooperation with the PTO secretary. Also responsible for retention strategies from year to year. Committee must begin working in late June/early July in order to prepare for Open House. Time commitment of the position is 3-4 hours per month in the first few months of school and then very little after October.

Committee Chairs
Committee Members: 4 per school minimum, 12 total

PTO Exec Board Member: Secretary

K-12 Viking Traditions

This is where we get to have fun. The K-12 Traditions team would take responsibility for the larger K-12 events, like the fall PTO Kick-off, Spring Fling and whatever our Fall event turns out to be. This team would also work with Admin and Leadership to ensure some existing traditions persist from year to year, such as the Graduating Class Rock painted at the HS, the Graduate Walk in May and maybe even work on bringing back Buddy Days in some form or fashion. There will be 3 subcommittees under this tier based on the 3 major events that we plan to run. Time commitment is variable based on the activity. Volunteer time could be during school hours to after hours in planning, preparation and execution.

Committee Chairs

Chairperson of Open Kick-Off Event: 
Chairperson of Fall Event: 
Chairperson of Spring Fling: 
Committee Members: 10 people minimum, per subcommittee

PTO Exec Board Member: VP Viking Traditions

School Spirit

This group would be responsible for school-specific events. This group would partner with the Student Councils and their advisers at the HS and MS and the admin at the ES to help facilitate spirit events for the schools and maybe even specific grades. For example, at the ES, reduce the number of events per year, but make them high-impact, tradition-rich events that ES families will look forward to every year. At the MS, plan to continue a 4th/5th grade party (if the 4th/5th team is not going to pursue this), plan a 6th grade social of some sort, 7th grade, etc. At the HS, work with Student Council to brainstorm additional Spirit activities like a second Spirit Week in the fall, or certain days throughout the year that are Viking Spirit Days (wear your Voyager apparel, etc.), ensure Homecoming Dance is scheduled and clearly communicated, contact our Viking Mascot volunteer to attend pep rallies and big home sporting events, help with communication to the students. Time and what is needed is anything from during hours to after hours in planning, preparation and execution.

Committee Chairs
Chairperson of ES: Emily Wilder
Chairperson of MS:
Chairperson of HS: 
Committee Members: minimum 5-6 people per school

PTO Exec Board Member: VP School Spirit

Audit (Financial Review) Committee

No fewer than three members should be on this committee. This committee shall do a monthly review of the bank statements and supporting documents and shall sign an acknowledgement on the bank statements that the expenditures were consistent with the approved budget. This same committee will do a review of the financial records if any of the Board members that had check signing authority leaves office before their term ends. The committee will also review the year end financial report and the records of the PTA at that time and make a written statement on whether the year end report is accurate. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month and 2-3 hours (max) to review year end report.

Committee Members
Rob Nelson
Danielle Jones

PTO Exec Board Member: President